Convenient Checking

Our Visa Check Cards are a safe and convenient way to pay for gas, dinner, purchases, etc., without the carrying cash.  It is free to use when you use it as a credit purchase, just swipe and go.  It can also be used as an ATM Card, however, the prevailing ATM Fees do apply.  Please protect your Check Card by registering through Verified by Visa-Check Card.  

USA 1-800-554-8969  INTERNATIONAL 1-973-682-2652 - A FEE MAY APPLY!
If you already have your checking account with us you may re-order checks over the 
internet.Order Personal Checks Online!


  1. We make every effort to keep the cost of our checking accounts at a minimum.

  2. They are easier to use, because every time you write a check you make a copy.

  3. We do NOT add a markup charge to the checks you order.  You pay only the actual cost plus shipping and handling.

  4. We DO NOT charge hidden fees or require minimum balances.  You may draw your account down to zero each month.  (Please don't forget to subtract you $3.00 service charge at the end of the month).

  5. You also receive (5) free ATM withdrawals from your checking account per month (note: this does not include any surcharges that the ATM owner may charge).

For a complete list of associated fees, see Checking Fees.

See our Funds Availability Policy for details regarding the availability of deposits.