The following rates are effective as of March 1st, 2016 for qualified members.  

Rates are represented in APR.  APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

(120% Financing available)
New vehicles 2016 & newer  1.99% to 2.10%
Used vehicles 2013 - 2015 2.75%  to 2.99%

2012 and older vehicles 3.95% to 3.99%

Used Vehicles may be financed at 120% of the Average Retail Value as listed in the NADA Book.
Secured by Vehicles
24 Months - 5.5% 
36 Months - 6.25%
48 Months - 7.50%
Loans secured by a vehicle other than for purchase are financed at 100% of the Loan Value as listed in the NADA Book.
24 Months - 7.00%
36 Months - 8.50%
48 Months - 9.00%
The amount of personal loans is based on each individual members qualifications and credit worthiness.

Fast Cash - 11.05%


Qualified members are given a limit at the time they apply and they may borrow up to that limit as long as they remain in good standing and qualify.


Quick Loan (Payday Alternative) 28%


Members may borrow from $250.00 to $1,000 at a max of 120 days base on loan amount

Share Secured - 3.50% + Dividend Rate Last Paid For Account Pledged

Credit Re-builder - 5.00% Plus Rate Last Paid For Regular Share Account

50/50  6.00% + Dividend Rate Last Paid For Account Pledged
(50% Of The Loan Amount Must Be Covered By Savings)


We also offer New and used RV and Boat Loans 

Please call the office for a quote on our current rates


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